Becoming a member at TSER is an amazing opportunity to expand your activism, gain knowledge and skills, and make new connections. TSER was co-founded in 2011 by two young trans women and since has grown to dozens of people. We are currently the only national organization led entirely by trans youth. As a member, you’ll get to work with amazing radical trans youth activists from around the country on various projects and initiatives that benefit the trans community. Our members comprise of nationally-recognized scholars, published writers and artists, and award-winning as well as emerging activists.

Regardless of position, all members have the agency to pitch, run, and lead their own projects and initiatives with the support of a national organization that continues to grow each year. Members have built lifelong friendships with each other through collaborating on workshops, campaigns, informational videos, events, and more. You will have opportunities to attend conferences and events for free, receive funding for your program ideas, and chances to speak or write in media. 

These positions are extremely important to our organization as volunteers run TSER. Time is very flexible and could be anywhere from a few hours a month to several hours a week. These are not paid positions and you can apply for any or all of them. If you have ideas for a position that isn’t listed, feel free to apply and tell us about your vision. 

These volunteer opportunities are only open to trans youth ages 28 and under. When selecting applicants we look for passion, intersectional framework, collaborative spirit, ability for long-term commitment, and experience and/or willingness to grow.
We are particularly looking for: people of color – especially Black & Brown folks, students at any level of education, transfemmes, and women.

Board Member:
Collaborate with TSER’s staff and other board members on developing the organization. You will participate in biannual board meetings and work with other trans youth around the country to help the organization grow and determine what direction we’re headed in. You may be invited to conferences and events on behalf of TSER to represent us.

Flexible requirements:
1. Have unique ideas on creating collective, revolutionary programming for transgender justice
2. Attend monthly meetings via Zoom or Google Hangout 
3. Excited to develop TSER’s bylaws and determine what projects we will take on
4. (Optional) have experience working with organizational restructuring/growth

Email us a short introduction (including experience and/or interests) to for more information.

Tabling/Booth Volunteer:

Work with various TSER members tabling at conferences and events. If you plan on attending a conference or event and want to help us table there, this position is for you!

1. Speak to people who ask about TSER (Q&A sheets will be provided)
2. Distribute infographics, buttons, stickers, and pamphlets at conferences and events
3. Set up booth during event

Email your location and a little bit about yourself to for more information.

In addition to specific volunteer opportunities, we’re also looking for members!
TSER members are trans youth and:
1. Help us develop new program ideas
2. Work with us on creating infographics
3. Help run TSER’s social media
4. Write and edit graphics,, and web posts
5. Represent TSER at conferences, media, fundraising, and events
6. Work on TSER publications
7. Think of new projects for TSER to undertake
8. Get funding to go to conferences and events and to put their ideas into action!

If you would like to apply to be a member, please email your experience and a short introduction (or a résumé) to

If you have any questions about the positions, don’t hesitate to email us!