2016 program information:

Note: these applications are closed. We will announce our next scholarship program on social media and this page when it launches. Please follow us on FacebookTwitter, or Tumblr or sign up for our email list to be notified right away.

In 2016, we offered four small ($500-$2,000) scholarships for trans scholars! These scholarships are great if you’re looking for some extra money to support you through the school year and help you with your activist efforts. Applications will open up in early April.


Information from 2016:

We may include other scholarships based on the number of donations and donors’ wishes. Scholarships are not limited to one per person. Applications must be in by Friday May 15th Wednesday May 20th, 2015 (the deadline has been extended) and finalists will be notified by June 3rd. We encourage you to submit your application early.

We are still seeking donations! If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a scholarship sponsor or donor, you can also donate directly to our scholarship fund on our donation page (just be sure to comment “scholarships” when donating).

General Eligibility Rules and Requirements: 
• Student will be enrolled in an accredited nonprofit United States college for the 2015-2016 school year (you may also request deferment for up to 1 year). 
• Openly identifies as trans, gender diverse, two spirit, Hijra, and/or within the trans community (please contact us if you feel that you/your identity should also be included in this list)
• Has made contributions to the trans community in some way
• Is not someone and is not related to someone who works at or volunteers for TSER
• Can be documented or undocumented
• Students can apply to any or all the scholarships they’re qualified for

Who Is Not Eligible:
• Cisgender people 
• People not enrolled in an accredited nonprofit United States college for the 2015-2016 school year

Most Important Selection Criteria: 
• Activism/contributions to the trans community
• Financial need 
• Written application components 
• Intersecting oppressions

Least Important Selection Criteria: 
• College
• Year in college
• Major

Trans Activism Scholarship

The Trans Activism Scholarship highlights the activism of trans students whose work has helped make it better for other trans students.

No special eligibility requirements.

Trans Student of Color Scholarship

The Trans Student of Color Scholarship highlights the activism of trans youth of color whose work focuses on intersection of race and gender identity and is working to end racism and transphobia.

• Is a trans person of color
• Has made contributions to the trans people of color community

Trans Visibility Scholarship

The Trans Student Visibility Scholarship highlights the activism of one trans youth who has made significant change to the trans community through visibility or media-based organizing.

• Has made contributions to the trans community through visibility/media work