Below you will find dozens of LGBTQ+ conferences around the world. This is the longest list of LGBTQ+ conferences on the Internet.

Trans Youth-Focused Conferences

Name: Region: Month:
Asterisk Trans* Conference Riverside, CA February
Gender Conference East Baltimore, MD November
Gender Infinity Houston, TX October
Gender Odyssey Family Conference Seattle, WA August
Gender Spectrum Moraga, CA July
National Trans Youth Conference London, UK November
New Jersey Trans Youth Forum Princeton, NJ April
The Pennsylvania Youth Action Conference Philadelphia, PA April
Trans Youth and Parent Summit Cambridge, MA July
Trans Youth Leadership Summit Los Angeles, CA July


Trans Conferences

Black Trans Advocacy Conference Dallas, TX April-May
Esprit Port Angeles, WA May
Fantasia Fair Provinetown, MA October
First Event Waltham, MA January
FTM Fitness World Annual Conference Atlanta, GA October
Gender Education De-Mystification Symposium (GEMS) Atlanta, GA March-April
Gender Odyssey Conference Seattle, WA August
Genderevolution Salt Lake City, UT November
Keystone Conference Harrisburg, PA April
LA TransCon 2017 Los Angeles, CA Spring
Non Binary in Tech (NBiT) London, UK July
National Transgender Health Summit Oakland, CA April
Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference Philadelphia, PA June
Southern Comfort Conference Atlanta, GA September
Sparkle Manchester, UK July
Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit Kileen, Texas July
Trans*forming Communities Chico, CA March
Trans*Sexuality Conference New York, NY November
Transcending Boundaries Springfield, MA October
TRANSforming Gender Conference Boulder, CO March
Transgender Faith and Action Network Conference Charlotte, NC August
Transgender Leadership Summit Northridge, CA April
Transgender Spectrum Conference St Louis, MO November
Transgender Women’s Summit Kansas City, MO February
Translating Identity Conference Burlington, VT October
TRANSLIFE Community Conference Santa Rosa, CA October
Transmen Camp Jakarta, Indonesia May
TransOhio Trans* & Ally Symposium Colombus, OH May-June
Trans* Wellness and Wellbeing Los Angeles, CA November
Utah Pride Gender Conference Salt Lake City, UT November
Virginia Transgender Information and Empowerment Summit (TIES) Richmond, VA October
WPATH Biennial Symposium Amsterdam, Netherlands June


Queer Youth Conferences (Not Trans-Specific)

Bay Area Youth Summit (BAYS) San Francisco, CA May
Beyond Tolerance New York, NY May
BlaqOUT Riverside, CA April
Campus Pride College Sports Summit Richmond, VA February
Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health Conference Winnepeg, Manitoba September
Canadian University Queer Services Conference St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada May
Carolina Conference on Queer Youth Charlotte, NC October
CO Queer Youth Summit Sedalia, CO June
Expression Not Suppression Fresno, CA February
Five College Queer Sexuality and Gender Conference Amherst, MA March
Georgia GSA Youth Summit Decatur, GA February
IVYQ New England November
Leading With Pride Washington, DC March
LGBT Summit Birmingham, MI May
LGBTQ Youth Convening Santa Ana, CA April
LGBTQ Youth Empowerment Conference Cambridge, MA October
Models of Pride Los Angeles, CA October
MBLGTACC Kansas City, MO February
Minnesota OUT! Campus Conference Winona, MN November
NASPA LGBTQA leadership conference Salt Lake City, UT April
National Youth Pride Services Conference – East Region Washington, D.C. September
Oregon Queer Youth Summit Portland, OR June
Out for Undergrad New York, NY October
OUT On the Hill Black LGBT Leadership Summit Washington, DC September
Out to Innovate Atlanta, GA November
Prideworks Conference for LGBT Youth Yorktown Heights, NY March
Pride Youth Theater Alliance Conference See Website August
Time to Thrive Houston, TX February
True Colors Storrs, CT March
Youth Empowerment Summit San Francisco, CA November


Queer Conferences (Not Trans-Specific)

Allied Media Conference Detroit, MI June
Be-All Chicago Chicago, IL Hiatus
BECAUSE Conference Minneapolis, MN April
B’More Proud LGBTQIA Leadership Baltimore, MD March
Christian Gay Network Conference Portland, OR January
Creating Change Washington, D.C. January
Divers/Cite Monreal, Quebec, Canada July-August
DesiQ San Francisco, CA July
Equality Forum Summit Philadelphia, PA May
IGLTA Annual Global Convention Madrid, Spain May
Improving OUTcomes Conference Sacramento, CA April
The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean Varadero, Cuba May
Kenyon Queer and Trans Studies
Gambier, OH April
Lavender Law Conference and Career Fair New York, NY August
LGBTQ Conference at Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts March
LGBT Health & Wellness Conference Des Moines, IA March
LGBTQ Health & Wellness Conference Chicago, IL November
LGBT Health Workforce Conference New York, NY April
LGBTQ Intergenerational Conference Seattle, WA September
LGBT Leaders See Website November
Louisana Queer Conference LA April
Mid-Atlantic LGBTQA Conference Bloomsburg, PA November
Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference (MBLGTACC) Normal, Illinois February
National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance Conference Waikiki, HI July
NELGBT New Jersey April
Northeast LGBT Conference Rochester, NY April
Out in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (oSTEM) Chicago, IL November
Practice Spirit Do Justice Ohio Power Summit Akron, OH October
Queer and Asian Conference Berkeley, CA March
Queer and Trans Conference Swathmore, PA March
Queer Collaborations Melbourne, Australia July
Queer College Conference Grinnell, IA November 30th – December 1st
Queer Comics Conference Monreal, Quebec, Canada August
Queerness and Games Conference Berkeley, CA October
Queer Internet Studies Conference New York, NY April
Queer People of Color Conference (QPOCC) Santa Barbara, CA May
Queer Yo Mind Conference San Francisco, CA November
Reaching Out MBA Chicago, IL April
Southeast Region Unity Conference Chapel Hill, NC April
Southern California LGBT Health Conference Los Angeles, CA February
Translating Identity Conference Burlington, VT October
The Upper Midwest Queer People of Color Conference Minneapolis, MN April
University of Pacific – LGBT Conference Stockton, CA February