Welcome to our camps page! This is the longest list of LGBTQ+ camps on the internet. If you’d like to add a camp or change a description, please email us at TSER [at] transstudent.org!

Camps for LGBTQ Youth

Name/Link Location Time of Year Age Range For
ASPYRE Youth Leadership Camp Greensboro, NC April 13-18 LGBTQ High School Students
Bay Area Rainbow Day Camp El Cerrito, California June-July 5-17 Gender Expansive and Trans Youth
Brave Trails Temecula, California May, July 12-20 LGBTQ Youth & Allies
Camp Aranu’tiq New England/California August 8-17 Trans and Gender Variant Youth
Camp Born This Way Arizona September 5-12 (and Families) Trans-identified and gender questioning youth and their families
Camp Coyote Nova Scotia, Canada July 25 and under Trans-identified and gender questioning youth
Camp Eclipse Salmonier, Newfoundland August 16-24 LGBTQ Youth and allies
Camp Fyrefly Edmonton/Calgary, Alberta and Regina, Saskatchewan July/August (see locations) Youth Sexual and Gender Minority Youth
Camp Highlight Wernersville, PA August 8-15 Children of LGBTQ Families
Camp It Up! Quincy, CA July-August All ages Children (with programs for teens and adults)
Camp Keshet Groveland, CA August All ages LGBTQ Families
Camp Lightbulb Provincetown, MA August 16-24 LGBTQ Youth
Camp Laurel Southern California July-August 10-17 Trans and Gender Nonconforming Youth (the Camp is free to attend)
Camp OUTdoors! Arizona August 12-24 LGBTQ Youth
Camp Outright Vermont August 13-22 LGBTQ Youth
Camp Pride Nashville, TN July College Students LGBTQ and Allied College Students
Camp Seahorse Nova Scotia, Canada August 25 and under LGBTQ youth
Camp Ten Oaks Ottawa, Canada August 6-16 LGBTQ-Identified Youth and Youth of LGBTQ Families
Camp Ten Trees Washington August 8-17 LGBTQ Youth, Allies, and Children of LGBTQ Parents
Camp Transplendent Rhode Island September 14-19 Trans and Gender Nonconforming Youth
Camp True Colors, Minnesota Willow River, MN July 13-18 LGBTQ Youth
Camp True Colors, New York Madison, CT August 16-20 LGBTQ Youth
Camp True Colors, Texas Montgomery, TX August 18-20 LGBTQ Youth
Fierce Love Day Camp Hayward, CA July 12-17 LGBTQ Youth
Fluid Revolutions Queer Youth Circus Summer Camp Carrboro, NC August 13-18 Queer Youth
Get Free Oakland, CA July 16-21 Queer and Trans Youth of Color
GLAC Youth Session Mountain City, GA Summer Youth Queer Youth
GSA Activist Camp Marin, Los Angeles, and Fresno, CA July Queer Youth Queer and Allied Middle and High School Students
Mosiac Summer Camp Snowdonia, Wales July 13-18 LGBTQ Youth
Next Generation Leadership Camp Washington, DC June 18 Recently Graduated LGBTQ High School Students
PFLAG Durham Region’s LGBTQ and Allies Youth Leadership Camp Durham Region, Ontario, Canada August 13-17 LGBTQ and Allied Youth
Project Acorn Ottawa, Ontario July 16-24 Queer Youth
QORDS – Queer Oriented Summer Camp North Carolina August 12-17 LGBTQQIA Youth + Youth of Queer & Trans Families
Queer Camp – Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, CA August 12-18 LGBTQ Youth and Allies (must be a resident of Santa Cruz County)
Queer Oriented Radical Days of Summer Greensboro, NC June 12-17 LGBTQQIA Youth and Youth of Trans and Queer Families
Queer Rock Camp Olympia, WA July 12-21 Queer Youth
Queer Rock Camp Southern California June 13-18 LGBTQQIATS Teens and Allies
Queer Spirit Camp Greenwich, NY August Young Adults LGBTI Young Adults
Rainbow Camp Bass, AR May 13-22 LGBTQ/Ally Youth and Young Adults
Rainbow Camp (Ontario) Camp McDougall, Thessalon, Ontario, Canada August 12-17 LGBTQ2+ Youth
Southeastern LGBTQ Activist Camp Jackson, MS and Little Rock, AK Summer Youth Queer Youth
Spiritual Pride Retreat Austin, TX April 12-30 LGBTQ Youth and Allies
T*Camp Northern CA and Southern CA January College Students Trans College Students
TYEF Summer/Fall Retreat New England Summer and Fall 7-17 Trans and Gender Variant Youth
YES Program Summer Community Camp New England June-July Youth LGBTQ Youth
You Belong Sports Camp New Jersey July 15-21 LGBTA Youth Athletes


Camps for LGBTQ Adults and Families


Name/Link Location Time of Year Ages For
A-Camp Alpine Meadows Retreat Center, California October 18+ Female-Identified Adults
Arts in the Woods Greenwich, New York August Young Adults Young Queer Adults
Camp Camp Maine August 21+ LGBTQ Adults
Camp JCA Shalom Malibu, CA May All Ages LGBTQ Families/Youth and Adults
Camp Lost Boys: Sleepaway Camp for Trans Men Angelus Oaks, CA October 18+ Trans Men
Gay and Lesbian Adult Camp Mountain City, GA Summer 18+ Queer Adults
Gay Retreat Aspen, CO January 21+ Gay Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults
Gay Spirit Camp Greenwich, New York August Adults Men Who Love Men
Gender Camp East Coast Mount Storm, West Virginia June 18+ Transgender and Gender Diverse Adults
Gender Camp West Coast West Coast June 18+ Transgender and Gender Diverse Adults
Queer Camp Bay Area, CA May Adults Queer Adults
Queer Camp outLoud Berkeley, CA April Adults Queer Adults
Queer Queer Talmud Camp Lake Delton, WI/Marin, CA June/July All ages Queer Jews
Rainbow Camp (Illinois) DuBois, IL August All ages Adults, families, and allies
Rainbow Family Camp Angelus Oaks, CA March All Ages LGBTQ Families and Allies